V50-60 Collet

V50-60 Collet, a premium-quality collet designed specifically for Tekcel CNC Routers equipped with Perske 3hp or 7hp spindle motors (hook spanner type). It is compatible with select Perske spindle motors, making it the ideal choice for Tekcel CNC Router users who demand the best in reliability and performance.

The Perske V50-60 Collet offers a range of shank diameters to accommodate various cutting tools, providing versatility for diverse applications.


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This collet is crafted with precision engineering and high-quality materials to ensure maximum performance and durability. Its secure grip ensures consistent and accurate results, reducing the likelihood of tool slippage and improving the overall quality of your work.

The V50-60 Collet is a valuable addition to your Tekcel CNC Router setup, seamlessly integrating with other CNC parts Australia. Enhance your CNC routing experience with this top-of-the-line collet designed to deliver optimal results and seamless integration with your Perske spindle motors. Upgrade your Tekcel CNC Router with the Perske V50-60 Collet and experience the difference in precision and performance today.