Tekcel CNC upgrade

Tekcel Router Upgrade – Our new Gen III controller is a feature-rich, high-performance CNC control system. The control is designed from its very core to operate a CNC router with efficiency and higher productivity.

We can upgrade your CNC router with the brand-new Gen III CNC control system and make it perform like new again. Whatever age or model of Tekcel machine you have, you can enjoy the latest advances in CNC control to extend the life of your investment and increase functionality.

Your CNC router machine will then be compatible with all of today’s modern CNC software, resulting in increased production capability and more efficient workflow. Your production operation will be more responsive. Gen III offers the highest level of machine control capabilities available on the market today.

Gen III has an advanced trajectory planner. This calculates how fast the machine can travel at any point during the cutting of a job. This has been upgraded to optimize the cutting time of the job, while still maintaining smooth, accurate motion.

Gen III also boasts a higher crossover frequency tuning of servo motors and improved power failure recovery.

Finally, Gen III is more versatile, with added software support for Tekcel’s new sheet loading systems, steered knife options, and registration cameras. These features permit upgrading of existing machine functionality.

More features include:

  • Graphical User Interface brings Touchscreen to a machine controller.
  • Plot File Preview shows the size of the job, tools used and a preview of the shape to be cut.
  • Pulse Generator Support with accurate positioning of the machine origin.
  • Wireless Trackball Support allows convenient control of the spindle in both the X & Y axis.
  • Improved Machine Diagnostics to pinpoint trouble in less time and effort.

Upgrade Options

  • Control software upgrade
  • Touch screen podium
  • Available for P Series, K Series, T Series, E Series, V Series, M Series and early Enduro machines.

For any further support for your CNC routers, please contact us at info@tommotek.local.