Our Company

Tekcel CNC Routers is a division of Tommotek (WA) Pty Ltd. Greg Thomson, Managing Director of Tommotek, established the business in 1983. His profession was the designing and building of special purpose production machinery. In the mid-eighties personal computers were becoming commonplace. Greg was inspired to use this new found Desktop PC Power to control machinery. Our proprietary Tekcel CNC machine controller was conceived and ground breaking development commenced in the late 1980’s.

Tommotek has been operating in Australia since 1988. Bespoke Tekcel routers have been designed and manufactured by Tommotek since 1992. Our early Tekcel routers were designed for Signmaking. It quickly became apparent that there were many more industries where Tekcel profile cutting machines could revolutionize the way companies made their products. Tekcel CNC Routers were pioneers of Nested Based Manufacturing, introducing our integrated systems to cabinetmakers in the late 1990’s. Development of our motion controller and add-on options for Tekcel CNC machines is always evolving and ongoing.

Located just north of Perth in Western Australia, our machines are proudly designed and manufactured in Australia.
Our bespoke Tekcel CNC routing machine and controllers have been installed in many factories in Australia, United Kingdom, Brazil, South Africa, New Zealand, Asia and many countries around the world.