Advanced Motion Control

advanced motion control

Tekcel’s advanced motion control features make our CNC router machines not only faster and more precise but also more efficient and durable. The innovative trajectory planner, S-Curve straight line moves, and auto-tuned servo motors work together to provide a level of performance that sets a new standard in the industry.

Advanced Trajectory Planner

The trajectory planner calculates how fast the machine can travel at any point during the cutting of a job. This has been upgraded to optimize the cutting time of the job, while still maintaining smooth, accurate motion.

The internal math converts vectors and arcs from the plot files into “NURBS” to calculate the trajectory, maximizing speed and acceleration at all times without exceeding the limitations of the machine. In practical terms, this means faster cutting, reduced chatter,

S-Curve Straight Line Moves

The “S-Curve” trajectory replaces the trapezoidal trajectory, making the straight line tool moves faster, smoother, and able to handle higher acceleration. This higher acceleration means less time spent on point-to-point moves, without stressing the machine.

Autotune of Servo Motors

Automatic tuning of the servo PID settings results in much better settings than possible by hand-tuning, giving stiffer servo response, and quieter operation. This results in better positional accuracy, more accurate parts, and a wider operating envelope for your tooling.

With Tekcel, you can trust that your CNC router machine is designed for the highest quality cutting and longevity, ensuring an optimal return on your investment and peace of mind.