Operator Interface

Tekcel operator interface

Graphical User Interface

The Tekcel machine controller is equipped with a Graphical User Interface which brings the convenience of Touchscreen to machine control. The intuitive layout guides the operator through the job setup, machine setup, and running of the job. A novice can feel comfortable running the machine very quickly, and a seasoned expert will have all the power at their fingertips.

Plot File Preview

Managing job archives is much easier with the job information screen. It shows the size of the job, which tools are used, and a preview of the shape to be cut. From this, the tool rack setup can be checked, the correct origin and material set, and the work can commence with the least amount of fuss.

Pulse Generator Support

Accurate positioning of the machine origin can now be precisely controlled using the Pulse Generator ( Handwheel ) input. Accurate to increments of .01mm, the positioning can set X, Y and Z Origins for critical jobs.

Laser Pointer

The Laser Pointer allows you to quickly set an origin while cutting a job from scrap material. Coupled with plot file preview, the operator is able to preview the job to verify it will be cut within the bounds of the edge of the scrap material. Eliminating waste and improving productivity.

Tool Rack Manager

The tool rack manager in the machine controller allows you to specify up to 100 tools and allows you to allocate any of these tools to a specific seat in the tool rack. The operator can easily configure the machine for the job at hand using the tool rack manager settings. Complex jobs can be completed by the machine without the need of human intervention, promoting a safe working environment and allowing the operator to attend to additional tasks.

Remote Support

Tekcel CNC Routers can be remotely supported over the internet. The operator control panel and all the machine diagnostics can be accessed by the remote support technician. In the event of adding a new machine operator to your business, training can also be performed in the same manner. Obstacles can be overcome in a short time, returning your machine to full productivity.