Woodworking Industry

CNC Wood Cutting Perth

CNC Wood Cutting Machine Perth РAll types of woodworking applications can benefit from a CNC woodworking machine. Tekcel CNC routers are Perth CNC carpenters favourite which can increase productivity and quality while maintaining the best consistency available. Repeatability, accuracy and versatility are a few more of the benefits of the Tekcel CNC woodworking machine.

CNC Woodworking Machine

Our bespoke Perth CNC carpenters favourite can be used for a number of different woodworking applications. Whether you need to cut hardwoods, softwoods, MDF, particleboard or any similar product, we have the right machine for you. From cabinet making, shopfitting, kitchen cabinets, sign making and display to timber craft, whatever your requirement our CNC router can help make virtually anything you can imagine. Tekcel CNC woodworking machine is available in many sizes and configurations to suit any purpose.

Tekcel CNC wood cutting machine Perth

When buying a CNC wood cutting machine in Perth for a woodwork business there are factors to consider. At Tekcel we understand the needs of the woodworking industry. Woodworking applications generally require accurate cutting, fast cutting speeds and a rigid machine. The correct cutters and cutting speeds must be used otherwise cutter life is reduced. Also, the vacuum hold-down must be strong enough to hold down the wood and the cut parts. The dust extraction must be efficient as woodworking creates a lot of sawdust. At Tekcel CNC service Perth, we can engineer a solution for your business and ensure that all your woodworking needs are met. We offer an optional automatic material handling system for optimum productivity, this option will free up production staff times for other tasks. With a bespoke CNC Router, the capabilities of your shop will be endless; you can reduce labour hours, improve efficiency, and become more competitive in your market. Talk to a Tekcel technical sales engineer who will advise you on customized machine configuration, and a range of specially designed machine options to ensure your job is made easy.

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