Revolutionizing Architectural Projects with Tekcel CNC Machines

Tekcel CNC machines are revolutionizing the architectural industry by making the design and cutting of Architectural Cladding Material (ACM) projects more efficient and precise than ever before.

Traditionally, these tasks have been labour-intensive and challenging to maintain consistency and accuracy. However, Tekcel CNC routing machines are designed to handle both large and small-scale projects with ease, ensuring the highest quality of finished products.

Designed for Precision and Efficiency

Our CNC machines are specifically designed for machining aluminium composite, metal composite, and solid aluminium sheets into fabrication panels. These panels are perfect for architectural projects, cladding, or decorative purposes. Whether you need hundreds or thousands of panels for a single project, our CNC routing machines can handle it.

Maximizing Material Utilization

In the design stage, it’s crucial to maximize material utilization to reduce costs and minimize waste. With Tekcel CNC machines, you can use any modern CAD software or our ProfileLab software to achieve this. Our machines come with various bed sizes to handle full sheets in one piece, enabling you to cut multiple panels at once. This feature not only reduces process time but also maintains high levels of efficiency.

Automated and Seamless Operations

Our automatic computerised routing machine system can handle the need for two or three tools to process a job. This system significantly reduces labour, freeing your staff from other duties. The machine controller automatically handles tool switching, resulting in a fast, seamless machining operation.

Increasing Production Rates, Efficiency, and Accuracy

With Tekcel CNC machines, you can increase production rates, efficiency, and accuracy. Our technical sales engineers are ready to advise you on customized machine configurations and a range of specially designed machine options to ensure your job is made easy. They have many years of technical experience to guide you through the necessary steps to selecting the ideal Tekcel CNC Router for your unique application.

Contact us today to learn more about how our CNC machines can revolutionize your architectural projects!