Tekcel CNC router machines are used in many engineering applications. Our bespoke CNC routers are brilliant for processing many different engineering materials such as metals, metal composites, engineering plastics, phenolic resin and glass and carbon fibre composites.

Computerised Routing Machine

Many types of engineering applications can benefit from a CNC computerised routing machine. Tekcel CNC routers increase productivity and quality while maintaining the best consistency available. Our ball screw driven machines ensure precision accuracy, repeatability and versatility. You can use any modern CAD software with our CNC router machine or use our ProfileLab software. You may require multiple tools to process your job. To cope with this, we have an automatic tool change system, which significantly decreases labour, freeing your staff for other duties. Switching between tools is automatically handled by the machine controller and results in a fast, seamless machining operation. Operator controlled features, allowing maximization of material use, include an optional laser pointer, the surface mapping tool and an MPG pendant. Our new high-pressure coolant atomiser makes working with metal even easier. Inspired by customers making moulds, Tekcel routers support the use of jigs and fixtures.

CNC Routing Machinery

At Tekcel we offer an extensive range of machine sizes, a variety of tool configurations, and the most varied combination of productivity options in the industry. Our Australian made CNC routers have an exceptional range of capabilities, ensuring innovation and success across multiple industries.

The computerised routing machine option set that has been developed over more than 20 years is easily the most diverse in the industry. Our bespoke CNC routing tables are designed to be easily mastered by people that have never before used CNC machinery. With features that are designed for ease of use, reliability and high productivity. Speak to a Tekcel technical sales engineer who will help you select a machine and set of configuration options to meet your unique needs. So contact us today to get more information!