CNC Router International

Get the finest CNC router for sale international! Although we are based in Perth, Australia, we deliver high-quality machines worldwide. If you need a CNC router in Indonesia or the United Kingdom, we have sales support in your region that can help you. As two big nations with large populations, there is always a demand for goods and products. Our CNC routers can help your business meet that demand as our products are innovative and fully customisable to suit your needs and budget. Call +61 8 9248 6344 to talk to our expert team.

Our CNC cutting for sale comes with detailed, step-by-step instructions and support. Numerous industries can benefit from this technology including woodworking, fabrication, sign making and packaging.

What is a CNC Machine?

A CNC router machine is fully automatic equipment suited for a range of uses including cutting, carving, drilling, marking, grooving and engraving. CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control and it allows the machine to communicate with the tools with symbols and numbers allowing for fully automatic production and manufacturing. The program allows for higher efficiency, accuracy and repeatability.

Innovative Design

At Tekcel, we design our machines to be easy to modify to suit the customers’ needs. Every aspect of the machine is accessible and serviceable. Components are modular, which makes them easy to assemble and disassemble. All our CNC router parts allow for a far more customisable experience, allowing us to tailor the machine to be perfectly suited to your industry with adjustable add-ons depending on your budget constraints.

How do CNC machines work?

A CNC cutting machine usually operates using a CAM or CAD software system. This software gives you the capability to draw the coordinates for what you’d like to cut. This can be either 2D or 3D and will subsequently create a code which the CNC machine can read. The machines cut and shape materials by following coordinates along various axes. 2D cuts will require movement on one or to axes with 3D items requiring three-axis to cut.

A modern CNC router for sale can have at least six axes including auxiliary and main exes. This allows 3D models to be executed in a very short timeframe.

A trial run referred to as ‘cutting air’ should be conducted before any CNC machine begins any tasks. This is important in order to catch any mistakes which may cause the machine or certain parts to be damaged.

CNC machines can be equipped with one of three control types. These controls are PTP control, link control or path control.

Why Choose Us?

Get a CNC router for sale wherever you are, whatever your business is. Our machines are tailor-made to suit your requirements, ensuring that you get exactly the type of machine that is best for you. Productivity and cut quality are the bedrock of our products and all our routers are made to the highest standard.

Tight budgets and money issues are not problems with Tekcel. Because our machines are fully customisable, our CNC router price is affordable for businesses of all kinds, large and small. So if you need a CNC router machine in the UK or Indonesia don’t hesitate to call our customer service team on +61 8 9248 6344.

Additionally, we provide spare parts for the CNC Machine that you are using now, please check our CNC machine parts page for detailed info or reach our CNC routing services team.