Construction & Quality

tekcel cnc machine quality

Tekcel CNC machines are built to last. You can still find our machines, built over 26 years ago, working hard today. That’s proof of how durable they are.

We build the frame of our machines from strong, stress-relieved steel. We machine it carefully to make sure it’s stable and accurate. Then, we cover the surfaces with a powder coating. This tough coating resists chemicals, solvents, and scratches. We also add custom covers to shield important parts of our machines. These covers come off easily when it’s time for maintenance.

Our machines have a tabletop made from custom aluminium. This sturdy table top can hold heavy loads without bending or shaking. To keep the wiring safe and tidy, we run it inside enclosed cable tracks or conduits.

We build our CNC routing machines with a recirculating ballscrew system. This system ensures the machines run smoothly and accurately for a long time. We also include a remote greasing system. This makes it easy to maintain the drivetrain without taking off the covers.

Finally, we only use high-quality industrial spindles with ceramic bearings in our machines. This means our machines perform their best, for longer.

In short, Tekcel machines are built tough and smart. When you choose Tekcel, you’re choosing a machine that’s designed to work hard for many years.