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Innovative CNC Cutting Solutions

As an industry leader, Tekcel designs and manufactures cost-effective, user-friendly flatbed CNC machines in Australia. With over 20 years of experience, Tekcel offers innovative CNC cutting solutions for industries such as sign making, graphics and print finishing, cabinetry, woodworking, plastic fabrication, metal fabrication, boat building, set and prop making, packaging, solid surface work, and more. Our machines can be tailored to meet the specific needs and budgets of both large and small businesses.

Tekcel machines deliver high productivity and exceptional cut quality at an affordable price. At Tekcel, we focus on innovation, customisation, and exceptional service. Our CNC routers feature options such as:
Automated tool changing

  • Multi-bore drill banks
  • Automatic material loading and unloading
  • Compatible with most industry-standard CAD/CAM software


Each bespoke CNC router machine is built to exacting standards. Different materials necessitate specific CNC routing tooling tailored to the product being cut. Therefore, we have sourced the most comprehensive range of tooling for CNC routing. This ensures our CNC router meets all your cutting needs. Tekcel will help your business boost profits and produce accurate parts without accumulating waste, excess labour, and extended lead times.

All our CNC router machines come with one of the industry’s best after-sale support. You can find a Tekcel-certified technician near you for exceptional post-sale training, service, and application troubleshooting. By providing you with the best flatbed CNC router machine and customer service in the industry, we support your company’s success.

Tekcel CNC routing designs and manufactures fully integrated Australian CNC routers for a wide range of applications and budgets, with competitive pricing and unparalleled support.

Of course, we don’t expect you to take our word for it. We invite you to test-drive a Tekcel CNC router for yourself with our service team. We’ll happily arrange a local demonstration or working site visit with a Tekcel CNC distributor near you.

Designed and manufactured in Australia for over 20 Years


Our Services
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CNC Router Parts

Our range of tooling is tried and tested on our Tekcel Routers. We have cut an extensive variety of materials with our tooling to pass on our calculated recommendations to you.

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Industry Consultant

Do you want to know which machine and options are best for you and your business? We are here to work with you to achieve the optimal Tekcel CNC Solution for your business.

Tekcel CNC Router Maintenance


Tekcel CNC routers come with a recommended maintenance program. A disciplined maintenance approach can extend the useful life of any CNC router machines, reduce repair costs, and improve cut quality.

Tekcel CNC upgrade


Upgrade your CNC control system today to extend the life of your investment, increase functionality, be compatible with modern CNC software and increase production.

Our specialized professional team, work with you to identify a tailored CNC routering system that will meet your manufacturing needs


Our Company

Tekcel CNC Router is a division of Tommotek (WA) Pty Ltd. Greg Thomson, Managing Director of Tommotek, established the business in 1983. His profession was the designing and building of special-purpose production machinery. In the mid-eighties, personal computers were becoming commonplace. Greg was inspired to use this newfound Desktop PC Power to control machinery. Our proprietary Tekcel CNC machine controller was conceived and groundbreaking development commenced in the late 1980s.

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Tommotek has been operating in Australia since 1988. Bespoke Tekcel routers have been designed and manufactured by Tommotek since 1992. Our early Tekcel routers were designed for Signmaking. It quickly became apparent that there were many more industries where Tekcel profile CNC cutting machines could revolutionize the way companies made their products.

Tekcel CNC Router were pioneers of Nested Based Manufacturing, introducing our integrated systems to cabinet makers in the late 1990s. The development of our motion controller and add-on options for the Tekcel CNC cutting machine is always evolving and ongoing.

Located just north of Perth in Western Australia, our CNC cutting machine is not only proudly designed and manufactured in Australia but has also gained international acclaim.

Building on this reputation, Tekcel CNC router machines are built at our facility in Perth. Our bespoke flatbed CNC router machine and CNC router bits are supplied and supported through a global network of sales and support offices and authorised dealers.

Further testament to our quality and reach is the widespread use of our bespoke Tekcel CNC routing machine and controllers. They have been installed in many factories across Australia. Additionally, they can be found in the United Kingdom, Brazil, South Africa, and New Zealand. Asia and numerous other countries around the world also feature our machines.