SS40 Three Flute Cutter – Up Spiral – Stainless Steel

The SS40 features a distinctive three-flute cutter design with an up spiral configuration that helps to extract chips from the cutting area. This design ensures a cleaner cut, enhances cutting efficiency, and prolongs the tool's lifespan. It can effectively cut stainless steel sheets up to 3mm thick when used with a Tekcel CNC router.

The SS40 Three Flute Cutter is specially designed for machining stainless steel. As a standout among our premium CNC machine parts, the SS40 sets a new standard for stainless steel cutting with its superior design, unrivalled functionality, and outstanding durability.

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Stainless steel is known for its resistance and hardness, making it one of the most challenging materials to machine on a CNC router. The SS40 makes this task not just achievable, but remarkably efficient. Manufactured from premium grade, solid carbide and finished with a protective coating, the SS40 offers a cutting-edge solution to your stainless steel machining needs.

Recommended to use a mist coolant fluid to minimize heat build-up during the stainless steel cutting process. It’ll preserve the tool’s sharpness and extend its longevity.

Amplify your CNC machining capabilities with the unparalleled precision and durability of the SS40 Three Flute Cutter. Explore our extensive range of high-performance CNC machine parts for the perfect tools to exceed your project expectations.