Skid Plate

The vacuum foot skid plate helps to ensure that the vacuum foot can move across the surface of the sheet material safely and efficiently.

Vacuum foot skid plates are subject to wear and tear under normal use. They must be regarded as consumable items that should be replaced as soon as signs of significant wear.

Recommended for:

  • Tekcel CNC Routers
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The vacuum foot skid plate is a component that attaches to the bottom of the vacuum foot. It is designed to help the vacuum foot move smoothly and efficiently across the surface of the material being cut, while also protecting the material from damage.

In a CNC routing operation that utilizes CNC router parts, a vacuum system is often used to hold the material being cut in place on the work surface. The vacuum system typically includes a vacuum foot, which is a device that creates suction to hold the material in place. It ensures precision and stability during the cutting process.