PK30U Single Flute Cutter – Up Spiral – Premium Performance

A high-performance PK30U Single Flute Cutter. This up spiral cutter is made of premium grade, solid carbide. It makes a reliable choice for demanding tasks.

Whether you're working with Acrylic, Brass/Non-Ferrous Metals, Aluminium Composite Material, Foam PVC sheets, Industrial Plastics, or Polycarbonate/PETG, the PK30U is your go-to tool.


The PK30U single flute cutter shines in versatility. The up-spiral design pulls chips away, resulting in cleaner cuts. Expect nothing but consistent high-quality cuts from the PK30U. Its durability means fewer replacements and more time crafting perfect pieces.

Choose PK30U for an unbeatable balance of quality and longevity. Explore this and more CNC parts in our selection.