PK30D Single Flute Cutter – Down Spiral – Premium Performance

Experience the craftsmanship of the PK30D Single Flute Cutter. This down spiral cutter is the epitome of high-quality CNC parts. Made from premium grade, solid carbide, the PK30D delivers robust performance.

It works flawlessly with a diverse range of materials such as Acrylic, Brass/Non-Ferrous Metals, Aluminium Composite Material, Foam PVC sheets, Industrial Plastics, and Polycarbonate/PETG.



The PK30D is a powerhouse for sheet materials. Its down spiral design aids in efficient chip removal, ensuring a cleaner cut.

What sets PK30D apart is its consistent performance. It doesn’t only make great cuts; it makes them every single time. Thanks to its durable design, you can expect longer tool life, saving you time and money on replacements.

Choose the PK30D and make every cut count. Don’t miss this gem in our CNC parts collection.