Pen Marking Tool

The CNC Pen Marking Tool provides an effective solution for adding temporary markings to your workpiece. It includes part-labelling and stencilling artwork.

A tool holder and 16mm collet are all this toolkit needs to fit into the spindle-like any other drillbit.



The CNC Pen Marking Tool is a versatile and effective solution for adding temporary markings to your workpieces. This tool is ideal for part-labelling, stencilling artwork, or any other application that requires temporary markings.

This Pen Marking Tool is easy to use and install. It requires only a tool holder and a 16mm collet to fit into the spindle of your CNC machine, just like any other drill bit.

Once installed, the CNC Pen Marking Tool can be used to quickly and easily add temporary markings to your workpieces, without the need for additional equipment or specialized tools.

This marking tool, which features precision CNC parts, is customizable. You can change the depth and width of the markings to meet your unique requirements, ensuring accuracy and consistency in your work.

Recommended for:

  • Wood
  • Paper
  • Foamex
  • Plastic
  • Metal