P30D Single Flute Cutter – Down Spiral – General Purpose

Introducing the P30D Single Flute Cutter. Expertly crafted from solid carbide, the P30D is designed for consistent performance across all your CNC routing tasks.

One cutter, many materials. The P30D is specifically adept at routing very thin sheet metals and certain laminated products. It is a great asset for diverse CNC routing tasks.

The P30D's standout feature is its 6mm diameter shank format. This design promotes increased rigidity and strength.



With the P30D single flute cutter, you can simplify your workspace. It’s highly appreciated among manual tool change router operators as it minimizes collet variations.

Experience the ease of use and impressive value for money with the P30D. It’s engineered to meet your daily CNC routing needs and to provide outstanding performance without stretching your budget.

Unlock your CNC routing potential with the P30D Single Flute Cutter. Embrace the exceptional performance that quality CNC router parts can deliver.

Recommended for:

  • Very thin sheet metals
  • Certain laminated products