P200U Two Flute Cutter – Up Spiral – General Purpose

The P200U stands out with its unique up spiral two-flute design. This upward-spiralling action actively draws swarf (chips) away from the cutting area. This built-in feature minimises the clutter and ensures a cleaner cut. It allows your CNC machine to maintain its performance while reducing the need for constant cleanup. The P200U Two Flute Cutter is made from high-quality, solid carbide.



The P200U Two Flute Cutter (Up Spiral) is the secret to smooth and clean CNC machining. This exceptional tool is an investment that delivers incredible value for money. Not only is it a key piece among CNC parts, but it is also specifically engineered to enhance your workflow and improve your project outcomes.

In terms of recommended applications, the P200U excels when used with materials such as MDF, Plywood, Melamine Faced Chipboard, Timber, and Veneered Panels. With such versatility, this tool becomes an essential component in any CNC toolkit.

Invest in high-quality CNC parts like the P200U Two Flute Cutter and experience the difference that precision engineering can make to your workflow.