P200D Two Flute Cutter – Down Spiral – General Purpose

The P200D Two Flute Cutter stands apart with its down spiral design. This down-spiralling two-flute cutter actively pushes chips or debris towards the surface of the material being cut. This distinctive feature minimizes chip buildup, whether you're working with sheet material, wood, or solid stock. Widely used to machine wood-based sheet products.

The P200D ensures a first-rate smooth finish on the topside of the sheet material. It's the perfect tool for projects where the topside finish is crucial. This can be invaluable when machining laminated or finished surfaces, as it helps prevent furring up or delamination.



The P200D Two Flute Cutter represents a new standard in precision CNC machining. As one of our high-quality CNC machine parts, it has been thoughtfully designed with a down spiral two-flute action, offering you unparalleled performance and reliability for your woodworking projects.

For stainless steel cutting processes, using coolant fluid is essential with the P200D. This will not only ensure the tool’s performance is maintained but also extend its lifespan by minimizing heat and wear.

Ideal for materials such as MDF, Plywood, Melamine Faced Chipboard, Timber, and Veneered Panels. The P200D is versatile and effective across a range of applications. Its quality and precision make it an essential piece in any professional or hobbyist’s CNC toolkit.