Kiss Cut Tool

Kiss Cut Tool for achieving precise, clean cuts on materials such as vinyl and sandblasting masks. This specialized cutting tool ensures the desired design is cut without cutting through the material's backing. It makes an essential tool for sign-making, decals, and other similar applications.

The Kiss Cut Tool comes with a racer blade assembly that enables smooth and accurate cutting, ensuring the perfect cut every time. Its compatibility with a wide range of materials makes it a versatile addition to your CNC setup.

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  • Designed for precise kiss cutting of vinyl and sandblasting mask materials
  • Racer blade assembly for smooth and accurate cuts
  • Ideal for sign-making, decals, and other similar applications
  • Compatible with various materials for increased versatility

Upgrade your collection of CNC router parts with the Kiss Cut Tool. Achieve clean, professional results in your sign-making, decals, and other projects by investing in this reliable and versatile cutting tool today!