Fibreboard Cutter – Up Spiral – Roughing & Finishing

The Fibreboard Cutter (Up Spiral) is manufactured from premium grade, solid carbide. It's specifically designed to cut fibre-reinforced plastics and certain glass-reinforced plastics.

This carbide material makes the cutter strong and durable, letting you confidently handle tough projects. The up spiral design helps effectively evacuate chips away from the work area. It allows for cleaner cuts and increased overall tool efficiency.




This Fibreboard Cutter tool is made for both roughing and finishing formats. The roughing variant swiftly removes materials to shape your workpiece. Following that, the finishing format provides a smoother cutting edge for a refined, polished outcome.

Our Fibreboard Cutters – the perfect blend of precision, strength, and versatility. Whether you’re dealing with fibre-reinforced plastics or certain glass-reinforced plastics, this tool stands as an excellent addition to your collection of CNC router parts.