Mist Coolant

TCC CoolCut is a highly effective mist coolant for CNC machines. It is used whenever you cut metals to cool and lubricate the tool during the cutting process. This will prolong cutter life and provide a better cut finish. When used correctly, Coolcut will leave little or no residue on the finished parts.

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TCC CoolCut is a specially formulated, metal working oil for CNC machines. It’s developed for use with compressed air atomising systems fitted to Tekcel routers. It is the perfect solution for those looking for a high-quality CNC mist coolant. CoolCut is a highly-recommended CNC machine coolant for metal cutting needs.

CoolCut provides excellent cooling and lubrication for your CNC machine. And it also leaves little or no residue on the finished parts when used correctly. In addition to its effectiveness as a metal cutting fluid, TCC CoolCut is also incredibly easy to use. Simply apply the coolant to your CNC machine as instructed.

So if you’re looking for a reliable and effective CNC mist coolant or CNC machine coolant for your metal cutting needs, including maintaining the efficiency of your CNC machine parts, look no further than TCC CoolCut.