ClearCut Single Flute Cutter – Up Spiral

Introducing our ClearCut-AL Single Flute Cutter. This is an Up Spiral tool. Crafted from high-quality carbide, it's engineered to last. Its single-flute design ensures a cleaner cutting area.

This cutter is a specialist tool. It's designed for cutting Aluminium Composite Materials. It's also great with aluminium, brass, and other non-ferrous metals.

Users love this tool. It gives great results and has a long tool life.


But the ClearCut-AL Single Flute Cutter goes beyond that. It delivers a polished edge finish. It’s so good, you may not need a secondary finishing process.

It is recommended for cutting, Aluminium, Brass/Non-Ferrous Metals, and Aluminium Composite Materials.

The ClearCut-AL Single Flute Cutter saves you time and money. It’s a superb cutter that gives you great results every time.

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