CC900 Three Flute Compression Cutters

The CC900 Three Flute Compression Cutters feature an ingenious design with up and down spiral flutes. This unique structure provides superior control over chip size and heat generation during the cutting process. The third flute facilitates higher cutting speeds and extended tool life, further enhancing your work productivity.

These cutters are specifically designed for woodworking and cabinet-making applications. They promise an unmatched edge finish on both surfaces of diverse sheet materials.

For the best results, ensure that the CC900's cut length aligns with or surpasses the thickness of the sheet material. Remember, using a sacrificial board is essential.



Crafted from high-quality, solid carbide, the CC900 Three Flute Compression Cutters offer exceptional durability and performance. They minimize heat buildup during cutting, maintaining a sharp edge over extended use for consistent and reliable output.

Ideal for Timber, Wood Composites, Melamine Faced Sheet Materials, Veneered Panels, MDF, and Plywood.

Boost your woodworking efficiency with the best CNC parts in the industry. Experience the precision and speed of the CC900 Three Flute Compression Cutters today!