CC900 Three Flute Compression Cutters – Blue Colored

Engineered with an ingenious up-and-down spiral flute design, the CC900 Three Flute Compression Cutters are adept at swiftly reducing chip size and controlling heat during the cutting process. The distinct blue-colored finish is a signature feature indicating a unique heat resistance capability. The third flute equips the cutter with the ability to expedite cutting speeds, extend tool life, and consequently augment your work productivity.

These cutters are specifically designed to excel in woodworking and cabinet making. They deliver a top-tier edge finish on both surfaces of a range of sheet materials. To ensure optimal performance, the CC900's cut length must match or surpass the thickness of the sheet material being worked on, and the use of a sacrificial board is fundamental.


The CC900 Three Flute Compression Cutters, forged from high-quality, solid carbide, promise longevity and outstanding performance, providing exceptional value. By minimizing heat buildup, these cutters maintain a sharper cutting edge for longer, ensuring reliable and consistent output.

Ideal for Timber, Wood Composites, Melamine Faced Sheet Materials, Veneered Panels, MDF, and Plywood.

Upgrade your woodworking efficiency with the right CNC parts. Introduce your work setup to the prowess of the CC900 Three Flute Compression Cutters today!