Carbide V-Fold Tool for ACM (3mm Flat)

Specifically engineered for V-folding, the Carbide V-Fold Tool makes quick work of shaping Aluminum Composite Materials. Its carbide-tipped design delivers durable sharpness and efficient cutting capabilities. It meticulously cuts V-shaped grooves in ACM, enabling easy hand folding and creasing of the remaining material.

This tool effortlessly helps you create precise V-folds in ACM materials, taking your fabrication projects, signage production, and creative installations to a higher level of professionalism. Despite its perfect fit for ACM with a 3mm flat profile, the Carbide V-Fold Tool is also suitable for materials like Foam PVC sheets, Industrial Plastics, and Polycarbonate/PETG.



With the Carbide V-Fold Tool for ACM (3mm Flat), enjoy a smooth, effortless folding experience and achieve professional-grade results without the need for complex machinery or additional tools.

Whether you’re crafting wall panels, architectural elements, or creative installations, this tool delivers the perfect solution for clean and precise folds in ACM with a 3mm flat surface.

  • Function: Precise V-fold cutting in ACM materials
  • Compatibility: Perfectly suited for 3mm flat profile ACM and also compatible with Foam PVC Sheet, Industrial Plastics, and Polycarbonate/PETG

Enhance your CNC crafting experience with top-of-the-line CNC router parts. Try out the Carbide V-Fold Tool for ACM (3mm Flat) today!