Boring Tools for Tekcel Multibore – RIGHT HANDED

A superior hole-boring, cam and hinge-boring solution. They are also adept at functioning as Multibore Adaptors for inserting smaller drill bits. Designed to function in a right-hand cutting direction, these tools are the perfect companions for precise and accurate drilling work.

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Crafted from high-quality materials, these CNC boring tools are designed to withstand rigorous drilling tasks without losing their efficiency. Their superior construction ensures extended longevity and dependable performance. Whether you’re working with woods, wood composites, MDF, or plywood, these tools provide clean, accurate bores every time.

The versatile nature of these boring tools allows them to serve as Multibore Adaptors, offering the flexibility to switch between larger hole-boring tasks and precise, smaller drill bit applications. This capability makes them a cost-effective addition to your CNC machine parts collection.