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  • Leading Supplier of CNC Routers
    Leading Supplier of CNC Routers


High Production CNC Routers for Woods, Plastics, Composites and Metals EXR/EXL

  • Bed Sizes up to 4100mm x 2055mm
  • Powerful Spindles with Auto Tool Change
  • Digital Servo/Ballscrew Drive Systems
  • Fully Equipped for Factory Productivity

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Advanced CNC Routers used by Successful Businesses WorldwideEXR/EXL

  • Bed Sizes up to 3100mm x 2055mm
  • Powerful Spindles with Auto Tool Change
  • Digital Servo/Ballscrew Drive Systems
  • Class Leading Accuracy and Repeatability

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Industrial CNC Routers available at Entry Level PricesVSE

  • Bed Sizes from 1500mm x 2500mm
  • Digital Motion Control Technology
  • Vacuum Bed and Dust Foot Systems
  • Versatile Routers at Affordable Prices

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Drawing on 20 years of CNC router research, development and manufacturing in Australia, our latest range of CNC routers are redefining the role of CNC routing for businesses just like yours, in countries all over the world.

Designed to save you time and make you money, Tekcel CNC routers and CNC cutters automate as much of the production process as possible and minimise the amount of waste material more traditional methods leave behind.

.... Sign Making, Cabinet Making, General Woodworking, Plastic / Sheet Metal Fabrication , Boat Building, Set / Prop Making, Packaging .... . If you work with rigid sheet materials, we can tailor a Tekcel CNC router system to meet the demands of your business and your budget. You can choose time saving features like automated tool changing and multibore drill banks. Your Tekcel CNC router can even load sheet material and unload the processed parts off the bed automatically. You can work with almost any industry standard CAD/CAM software on the market too.

By introducing a Tekcel CNC router into your business, you'll maximise productivity and minimise labour costs. Your customers will benefit from shorter lead times and consistently high quality. And your bottom line will never look healthier.

Of course, we don't expect you to take our word for it. Why not test drive a Tekcel CNC router for yourself? We'll be very happy to arrange a local demonstration or working site visit with a Tekcel distributor near you. Call or email, we look forward to hearing from you.

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