Tekcel Range

Tekcel CNC routing machines have been an industry standard for more than 20 years. Proudly made in Australia, Tekcel is a sustainable product that is built to last. Tekcel are in this business for the long term, always keeping an eye on the future. Our commitment to innovation has seen many of our older model Tekcel machines upgraded to embrace new technology, still running effectively today. Tekcel employs a Tekcel CNC router in–house to fabricate many of the components on the machines we build.

Customers investing in our bespoke Tekcel CNC Routers for use in their business, can expect service and support, second to none, from our factory and our representatives. We are dedicated to investing in our relationship with Tekcel Router Owners to ensure their experience is a long-term and satisfying one. We offer internet support as well as local, on the ground technicians to handle technical support, repairs and training.

Every model of Tekcel Routing machine includes our proprietary Gen III machine controller, easy to use Touch Screen graphical user interface, precision ballscrew drivetrain, industry leading spindle motor, ProfileLab software and meticulously machined, heavy duty steel frame.

Contact us now to find out which Tekcel CNC Router is best suited to your business.