Sign Making

Tekcel CNC Sign Machine

In the Signmaking Industry, jobs may vary from complex 3D carvings to straight 2D cut out graphics. That’s why, Tekcel has developed a number of comprehensive bespoke CNC sign making machine, machining solutions for signmakers. Tekcel CNC sign machine is suitable for many different signage materials including aluminium, plastic, timber products, solid surface materials, composite panels, vinyl and much more. Tekcel CNC sign machine handles them all with minimal turnaround time and minimal setup effort. We understand, a sign manufacturing often involves a number of different production techniques and use multiple materials in their construction. Tekcel CNC sign cutting machine can cut and engrave all modern sign substrates using a variety of cutting options and machine accessories. Our variety of tooling options for all popular signage materials allow your business the flexibility of producing 3D signage in the morning to vinyl graphics in the afternoon and aluminium letters the following day. The CNC router tooling also makes it possible to move from the artwork stage to the cutting stage in one easy step using any CAD software you want or use our ProfileLAb software.

CNC Sign Cutting Machine

At Tekcel we offer an extensive range of CNC sign making machine sizes, a variety of tool configurations, and the most diverse combination of productivity options in the industry. Our Australian made CNC sign cutting machine have an exceptional range of capabilities, ensuring innovation and success across multiple industries.
The machine option set that has been developed over more than 20 years is easily the most diverse in the industry. Our bespoke CNC machine designed to be easily mastered by people that have never before used a CNC sign cutting machine. Our CNC cutting machine equipped with features that are designed for ease of use, reliability and high productivity. Speak to a Tekcel technical sales engineer who will help you select a CNC sign machine and set of configuration options to meet your unique CNC sign making machine needs.