Cabinet Making

Tekcel CNC Router for Cabinet Maker

Cabinet maker router – Tekcel manufactures bespoke CNC Routers to suit professional cabinet makers. Tekcel CNC Routers have all the features essential to manufacture a range of products from flat panels, such as kitchen and commercial cabinets, store fixtures, furniture, to displays etc. Not only are our CNC router machines suitable for a range of products, with one machine you will be able to reduce your labour and waste, increase productivity and at the same time maintain quality in both product and customer service. Our series of CNC cabinet maker router has made the manufacturing of cabinets available to small, mid-size and large shops alike. Our CNC routing machines allow smaller manufacturers the capacity to profitably compete in their marketplace by completing customer projects with precision and cost control. Utilizing Tekcel CNC cabinet maker Router, cabinetmakers have been able to both increase production and cut costs by reducing material handling and increasing output.

CNC Router Machines as the furniture making machinery

Tekcel offers the cabinet making industry a wide selection of furniture-making machinery and high-quality accessory tooling including Boring Heads and aggregates, auto loading & unloading handling system for use in cabinet & door making, furniture and case goods applications. Tekcel CNC router Australia for furniture making, have the quality, performance, and value to get the job done, no matter the size. Tekcel offers a wide variety of options to fit the needs and requirements of all cabinet manufacturers along with a combination of excellent cutting precision together with speed. Speak to one of our technical specialist advisors today and we can tailor CNC router machines to your match your needs and budget. So contact us today to get more information.